Aristides Distilling is launching the first of a series of initiatives that target any spirit enthusiasts and any person who is interested to learn and gain some experience in the production of great-tasting spirits. This is what handcrafted distilling is all about! We believe that a story worth telling has to come from personal experience and it doesn’t get any more personal than becoming a member of our Barrel Club! There are many reasons to invest in a barrel of whiskey, let alone make one! It’s an investment that appreciates over time, it’s a rare learning experience, it’s a great marketing opportunity, it’s a unique gift, and it’s a barrel of whiskey with a great story, your story! Whatever the reason Aristides Distilling is here to ensure that you will have the best quality handcrafted spirit in it.
How does it work?
The members of the Barrel Club become owners of a brand-new American Oak 4-liter barrel of whiskey that they fill and will eventually bottle with the help and guidance of Aristides Distilling master distiller. The members can visit their barrel of whiskey at predetermined dates to taste the contents giving them the chance to understand and experience the process of barrel aging.
How long does this aging process take?
The official aging duration of Whiskey under European law is 3 years and therefore your barrel can remain at Aristides Distilling for that time. After that period, you may decide to refill your barrel with another new make spirit or decide to take it home empty.
What happens if I want to bottle it sooner than 3 years?
If you’re satisfied with the taste of the whiskey in your barrel, you may bottle it sooner but the term “whiskey” cannot be used on the bottle label. Once the barrel is emptied then you may refill it with another new make spirit or take it home empty1. Chances are that you will be stopping the aging process sooner than 3-year mark because of the size of the barrel. With small barrels there’s more wood surface compared to the volume of the spirit within, allowing for faster maturation!
Who provides the bottles and the labels?
We provide you with a specific bottle along with a predesigned label for your whiskey. If you desire a different bottle and a customized label, then you need to procure them. Due to government laws, all spirit bottles have to be properly labelled before they leave our premises, so any customized label needs to adhere to these terms and conditions so it will need our approval.
Who will fill the barrels/bottles?
You have the option of filling your own barrel and bottles of whiskey, under our supervision. If this is not possible, then we will do it for you.
What type of whiskey will go into my barrel?
We recommend starting off with an American style whiskey for the first round and then follow up with a single malt but other types of new make whiskey will be announced as they become available for you to taste and decide which direction you may want to take after that initial round.
How often do members taste their spirit?
A tasting event will be planned within a period of 3 months, 4 times a year.
How much does membership cost?
Barrel Club membership costs 240 euros per person per barrel, and this includes:
1) A new 4-liter American oak barrel
2) 5 liters of new make whiskey at 60% ABV
3) 9 x 70cl bottles along with labels and corks.
4) The cost of hosting and maintaining your barrel at our premises for 3 years and 4 months.
5) All excise duties and VAT required by the authorities.
6) At least 4 tasting sessions every year for the duration of the whiskey aging.  
Do I have other choices of other spirits or different barrel size?
Yes, there are other options available. Please contact us!
How can I maintain my empty barrel?
Special instructions will be provided to help you maintain your barrel in good shape.

We believe that a story worth telling has to come from personal experience and it doesn’t get any more personal than becoming a member of our Barrel Club!

Aris & Marianna Aristidou (co-founders)

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