New Age Craft Distilling from Cyprus

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ANGELICA Blue Gin is a premium small-batch gin, the second one released by Aristides Distilling. The inspiration for Angelica comes from Cyprus’ rich and lush citrus fruit orchards, which we combined with 10 organic, local hand-picked botanicals, and spices. It’s a gentle, complex, and aromatic gin, with a citrus fruit beginning and a long, complex botanical finish giving it a balanced 3-dimensional character. Angelica is a gin with a twist! It changes color from blue to pink when tonic is added to it!

Terra Rossa is the first vodka ever produced by the world-famous Cyprus potatoes, handcrafted from scratch by Aristides Distilling!
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AORATOS dry gin is a premium small-batch, dry gin handcrafted by Aristides Distillery, combining 10 organic, local hand-picked botanicals. It is the first dry gin, sourced, produced, distilled, and bottled in Cyprus. Gentle, complex, and aromatic, Aoratos is selectively distilled with wild juniper berries of endemic species, locally known as Aoratos, Coriander, Angelica, Nettle, Iron wort, Sage, Rosemary and more. These precious local ingredients make a distinctive blend, rendering a unique expression of the heart and soul of Cyprus' mountain nature!