Sourced, produced, distilled, and bottled in Cyprus
** 1% of all AORATOS sales will be donated to the Cyprus Forest Association


Close your eyes and bring in mind the smells and aromas after the first rain in autumn in the mountains of Cyprus. This is what we have captured in AORATOS dry gin. Inspired by the world-famous botanicals that grow on the island of Cyprus, AORATOS dry gin is a testament to the aromas and the essence of the Cypriot mountain nature. 

The abundant sunshine and rich volcanic soil is the special combination behind the botanicals, herbs, and fruit that grow on the island of Cyprus,  lending a unique character and intense aroma. 

AORATOS dry gin features 10 botanicals from Cyprus including Juniper berries (locally known as AORATOS), Coriander seed, Angelica root, Nettle leaves, Iron wort, Sage, Rosemary, and more.

** 1% of all AORATOS sales will be donated to the Cyprus Forest Association


Inspired by the world-famous botanicals and citrus fruit that grow on the island of Cyprus, ANGELICA Blue Gin is a testament to the aromas and the essence of the Cypriot citrus orchard. 

The inspiration for Angelica Blue comes from Cyprus’ rich and lush citrus fruit orchards. We have combined 10 organic, local hand-picked botanicals, and spices with local citrus fruit and a flower from the Far East adding a note of mystery and surprise! Angelica Blue is sourced, produced, distilled, and bottled in Cyprus.

It's a gentle, complex, and aromatic gin, with a citrus fruit beginning and a long, complex botanical finish giving it a balanced 3-dimensional character.

Angelica Blue is a gin with a twist! It has a blue color that transforms into pink when tonic is added to it!


Inspired by the world-famous potatoes grown in Cyprus, our Terra Rossa Vodka is the very first vodka produced and distilled from scratch on the island! It’s a smooth, full-bodied vodka, made from locally grown potatoes, finely distilled and conditioned to produce a smooth and velvety taste with delightful lingering notes of honey sweetness. 
Cyprus potatoes are world famous for their amazing taste and unique flavor, something that has been a source of inspiration for us, here at Aristides Distilling. Due to Cyprus’ climate and the characteristics of the terroir, with the prominent red soil (κοκκινόχωμα in greek or terra rossa in latin) that is rich in nutrients, potatoes are produced almost all year round and are exported worldwide.

Terra Rossa Vodka is gluten and sugar free, with very little carbohydrates. Potato vodkas are known to be more flavorful of all vodka types, often served over ice or straight.


Producing high-quality spirits requires creativity, expertise, attention to detail but above all the commitment to be directly involved in every step during the distillation process. Taking it a step further, we start our work here, the beautiful Cypriot countryside, where our raw ingredients grow and it ends with a bottle of our handcrafted spirit that carries our name.

We are directly involved in all the stages of spirit production, from planting seed selection to bottling,  labeling, and packaging. It's the only way to ensure that every bottle that leaves our distillery is the best-handcrafted spirit we can make.

ABOUT us   

Establishing Aristides Distilling in Cyprus is the second part of a journey that began in southern Missouri around 2008, in a place called Walnut Shade somewhere in the Ozark mountains where Aris Aristidou together with his business partner (at the time) operated the first craft distillery in the region after prohibition and they landed 3 worldwide awards for their Whiskey and Rum.
This is our legacy and our guideline to be continued here in Cyprus.
Making High-Quality spirits is a long and demanding multi-stage process with many variables per stage that need to be diligently recorded, controlled with precision, and repeated with in order to achieve consistency and the highest quality.

Doing all this is hard work but the pursuit of perfection also requires that we are directly involved at all stages of and we leave nothing to chance.

This is where new-age meets craft distilling and why here at Aristides Distilling, we are always committed to innovation and forward-thinking because it's the key to making great spirits.