Distillation has been around for many centuries and some evidence suggests that as early as 1200 BC, people used distillation to produce perfumes and aromatic scents and oils. Spirit distillation has evolved in the 12th century AD and with little technological development over time with the last major development in the distillation technology, the invention of the column still, early in the 19th century. 

Here at Aristides Distilling, we respect tradition but we have also embraced modern methodologies and technological innovation. This is, after all, a modern-day distillery and as such it requires modern-day equipment along with an in-depth understanding of the information behind the entire distillation process.

Each stage of the distillation process has a number of key variables that need to be recorded, controlled, and adjusted in accordance with a specific spirit recipe. This is very important in order to be able to produce consistently high-quality spirits. This is why we rely on new age distilling technology because it allows us to focus on maximizing flavor and quality and gives us the flexibility to produce a wide range of innovative and exciting new products. 

By leaving nothing to chance we can focus on the minor details that eventually make all the difference in taste!

The Still

The still we are using is a state of the art distillation system that is precise, efficient, versatile, safe, and environmentally friendly.  

The only such piece of equipment in the region, our still is the heart of our operation and our methodology as a spirits production company is based around it. 

The intelligent design, automation, and robotization give us total control over the spirits production process. This helps us make the exact same, top-shelf product over and over again.

The Human Factor

Aris and Marianna Aristidou are partners at Aristides Distilling but also in life. Aris is in charge of production and Marianna of organization and marketing.

Distillation has been Aris' passion since his childhood and although his studies led him down another path, life presented him with constant reminders about his childhood love until 2008 when he finally decided to pursue his passion.

After 18 years in Advertising, Marianna left Cyprus to join forces with Aris at his distillery in Missouri at the time,  until 2016 when they returned to Cyprus. Since then, they have been working to set up Aristides Distilling. 

We are here to remind our visitors that no still, no matter how modern and efficient, can replace the human factor in all of this. After all, distillation has been, still is and will remain a human-led process. That's the reason why people are turning to craft distilleries to find quality spirits and unique, outstanding flavors.

The Production Process

Planting, growing, and harvesting of the raw ingredients
Processing the raw ingredients
The distillation process
Packaging, promoting, and selling of spirits.

The Distillation Process

Mashing In