The inspiration for Angelica Blue comes from Cyprus’ rich and lush citrus fruit orchards. We have combined 10 organic, local hand-picked botanicals, and spices with local citrus fruit and a flower from the Far East adding a note of mystery and surprise! Angelica Blue is sourced, produced, distilled, and bottled in Cyprus. It's a gentle, complex, and aromatic gin, with a citrus fruit beginning and a long, complex botanical finish giving it a balanced 3-dimensional character. Angelica Blue is a gin with a twist! It has a blue color that transforms into pink when tonic is added to it!
Strength: 43% ABV | Bright Blue  - Dimensions: Heads: 2 | Hearts: 2.5 | Tails: 2.5

Nose: First the freshness of citrus. Lime and lemon with a strong undertone of juniper. There’s herbal spiciness at the back.

Taste: The citrus immediately gives way to a boost of herbs. Rosemary and thyme combine with the juniper, with a slight hint of lavender. But before it becomes too complex the citrus comes back with a surprising freshness.

Finish: Long and complex. Citrus and spice keep changing positions, but the juniper makes sure it all stays in place. In the end, a certain earthiness can be discovered like the gin is finally resting after this Mediterranean dance.

With Tonic: Mixing with tonic turns this gin into something else. The citrus freshness rises to the top to combine with the sparkling character of the tonic. Then the spices combine with the quinine to pack a real punch.