We are an innovative craft distillery that produces high quality spirits made from local sources based on original recipes


We believe that spirit production in Cyprus needs to evolve away from the traditional wine production industry and take its separate place as an industry of its own.
We want to change the perception that Cyprus cannot manufacture a wide variety of spirits of the highest quality capable of promoting the island as a hub in the general region attracting visitors who will have the opportunity to see, enjoy, and to learn about what and how we do it.
By being innovative and creative, our vision is to highlight all the local sources, not just grapes, all the rich aromas and flavors of Cyprus in all the spirits that we create, working together with local raw material producers to present our customers the best tasting spirits we can make.


We focus on quality, not numbers, we focus on creating exceptional taste, not beautiful marketing strategies and budgets, we focus our dedication to the art of taste and the science of distillation, not on creating misleading myths. Our production process does not begin at our premises but in the field and in nature where our raw material grows. You cannot talk about producing high-quality products without ensuring that your raw ingredients are of the highest quality. Producing high-quality spirits is a very personal endeavor, it requires creativity, expertise, attention to detail, hard work, and above all a personal commitment.


Leave nothing to chance. Every bottle that carries our name is the best hand-crafted spirit we can possibly make.
Our work starts in the beautiful Cypriot countryside where our raw ingredients grow and it ends with a bottle of spirit that carries our name.
Here at Aristides Distilling, we are committed to producing unique tasting spirits, highlighting exciting new flavors and aromas in all our products that we make in... 
...small batches of spirits made with lots of passion!
Handcrafted spirits
Offering a wide range of handcrafted spirits based on original recipes, inspired by local sources.
seasonal spirits
Highlighting some raw ingredients whose seasonality is not an issue but a contributing factor.
private labelling
Let's work together and develop a recipe for your specific needs! We'll be happy to help.
limited edition
We will always experiment and try out new ideas to extend our range and innovate.
corporate gifts
Let us help make your clients feel appreciated and special with our corporate gift ideas.
barrel program
Your group of friends, partners, or business associates can share a unique experience. The production of the very own barrel of your favorite spirit.