Enjoy Flower Powered Seasonal Gin by Aristides Distilling - Flowered to the max!
Included 15 individual tea bags (5 x Hibiscus, 5 x Wild Rose, 5 x Pomegranate)
  • The best way to add Flower Power to your Cocktail
  • Instructions:
  • Pour 50ml Flower Power Gin in a Balloon Gin Glass. Dip one of the suggested tea bags into the gin for 2-3 minutes. Strain the tea bag and add ice cubes and 70ml of Indian tonic. You can also try Flower Power Gin neat with your favorite tonic.
  • Portion Measurements: 50ml Flower Power Gin, 70ml Tonic Water
  • Flower Power “Hibiscus”* - Hibiscus flower gives a luxurious red hue and adds a flavor both fruity and floral with a hint of rosehip and a slight sweetness. Hibiscus also gives a tart flavor reminiscent of cranberry.
  • Flower Power “Wild Rose”* - The flavor of wild rose is subtle but it’s definitely there, refined and tasty. Mixed with tonic, chopped strawberries, and ice, it is truly a delicious combination!
  • Flower Power “Pomegranate”** - Amber in color it has a delicious flavor that is both sweet and tart. Pairs well with apple slices, cinnamon, mint leaves, and tropical fruit. 
  • * The Hibiscus and Wild Rose tea bags that we suggest are 100% herbal infusions (caeine free)
  • ** Pomegranate tea bags are a combination of Black tea and pomegranate (includes caeine)