The term terroir is usually associated with wine production but we believe this needs to change to include all plants that grow in the soil, not just grapes. In the case of our Cypriot potatoes, that grow in the mineral rich red soil (Terra Rossa) under an abundance of sunshine and with a constant cool sea breeze, something magical happens due to this unique terroir that helps grow some of the best rating potatoes in the world!

This very same potato has been our inspiration, the reason why we worked so hard to turn it into a smooth, crystal clear vodka. The first and only vodka produced and distilled in Cyprus using the best tasting potatoes in the world, Cyprus potatoes! The results astonish those familiar with mainstream vodkas. No filtering, no charcoal, no gimmicks and no artificial flavorings. 

Superior ingredients make superior products, it's as simple as that! That's why here at Aristides Distilling we rely on locally grown raw ingredients! The terroir, our know-how, top quality grains, botanicals and fruit and the fact that we are on top of the entire production process, from the field to the bottle, ensure the quality of the bottle in your hands, that carries our name! 

Nose: On the nose you will detect some sweet notes reminiscent of freshly baked bread.
Taste: The palate will initially celebrate of the velvety sweetness, followed by the pleasant crystal smoothness.
Finish: Longer than one expects of a vodka, with delightful lingering notes of honey sweetness.

Bottomline this is a top-quality vodka that can be enjoyed neat or mixed in a cocktail.